An adult family home is a community-based long-term care setting. It is a hybrid between your traditional family home, assisted living, and nursing home. We are a family home but with the training and outfitting to care for seniors and members of our community with special care needs.

Our home was built with the intention of serving as an adult family home. Our floor plan is spacious and was designed with consideration for the mobility needs of our residents.

Our doorways and hallways are wider than your average home. All resident areas are located on the same level. We have multiple living areas and flex spaces designed to accommodate all members of our home.

We have two caregivers during the day shift readily available to serve our residents’ needs. At night, we have one fully awake dedicated night shift caregiver assigned to assist residents who may need help throughout the night. The registered nurse lives on-site and is readily accessible for medical emergencies or backup assistance should any staff member or resident need more care.

The monthly rate is virtually all-inclusive. We do not use a point system that many of the regional assisted livings commonly base their rates on. Our rate is dependent on the initial assessment which identifies residents’ medical needs and abilities.

  • At the time of admission, there is a one-time, non-refundable, admission fee that helps us prepare for the incoming resident. 
  • The only expected change in the monthly rate is an annual cost of living increase that takes effect each anniversary based on the date of admission. The COLA will be the only change to the monthly rate each year. The cost-of-living increase will be determined annually based on the relevant government indicators.
  • There is no increase in the monthly rate when a resident enrolls in hospice. 
  • Our monthly rate is all-inclusive and includes a private bedroom with en suite and full walk-in shower, all meals and snacks, daily housekeeping and on-site laundry services, all incontinence supplies and toiletries, nursing assessments and delegations, nighttime care assistance, medication management, nutritional supplement shakes, haircut every 6 weeks, weekly hair and nails activity at our in-home salon, and all in-home group activities.
  • We provide basic toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, lotion, shaving cream, deodorant, mouthwash, floss, disposable razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairspray, denture cleaning tablets, hearing aid batteries. If you prefer specific brands/styles of any of the items listed above, then we ask for you to provide them instead.

Our Medicaid policy is that a resident must be private pay for four full years before converting.

Our home is always open. We do however have recommended visiting hours between 9 am and 8 pm. Many of our residents prefer to go to bed around 8 pm and extra visitors after this time tend to be a distraction to them.

We are happy to receive visitors beyond our recommended visiting hours in special circumstances. We encourage you to call ahead of time to let us know if you will be visiting beyond recommended hours.

We encourage families to visit and stay as long as they need when their loved one actively passing on hospice, this includes staying well into the night hours. This is an important time for family to be united and spent remaining precious time together should they choose. We just ask that all visitors respect our quiet hours and keep the noise down to a minimum.

All our meals are home cooked and made by us. We have an alternating menu throughout the month. We take into consideration our residents’ preferences and needs such as medically prescribed diets. But we all do eat a home-style meal and eat together at the dining room table.

We can accommodate medically prescribed diets that are correlated with an active diagnosis. 

Example: a diabetic diet for someone with diabetes or a low sodium diet for a resident with high blood pressure. We can also alter textures and consistencies for residents with aphasia or other swallowing impairments. 

We respect all religious diets (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc.) please let us know ahead of time. 

We do our best attempt to incorporate various cultural dishes of our residents. Feel free to send us a recipe! 

  • We encourage all residents to use our long-term care pharmacy Bellegrove. This is because they provide consistent and timely medication to us in the format we request.  We require all medications to be individually bubble-wrapped for quality control reasons. This significantly cuts down on medication errors and accidents! 
  • We do not allow families to bring medication into the home except under special circumstances (such as a short-term antibiotic). 
  • We do not use mail-order pharmacies as they do not deliver medication to the resident in a reasonable amount of time. 
  • We do not use medicine sets in the home. 
  • There is no added cost for using the long-term pharmacy besides your typical co-pay. 
  • ALL vitamins and supplements must be ordered through the pharmacy to come bubble packed. 
  • All staff are trained, delegated, and supervised by the registered nurse on how to administer medication. 
  • Our nurse manages all communication with the primary care provider regarding medication needs, changes, or refills. Should you have any questions regarding medication concerns please reach out to Ligia directly.
  • We have visiting primary care providers who are nurse practitioners that come out to the home routinely to visit patients. Our nurse coordinates times and frequently communicates all changes and concerns directly with the visiting nurse practitioners. 
  • We have a podiatrist who can come to the home to provide foot care on a routine basis. They accept many insurances. 
  • There is a dental hygienist and dentist who can come and perform routine work in the home. 
  • We have worked with a wonderful psychiatrist who is able to make frequent visits to assist our residents with mental and behavioral health needs. 
  • There are mobile lab companies that can come to the home to collect blood or urine samples for testing. 
  • Dispatch Health is a convenient traveling urgent care that can visit residents in the home who do not require emergency room-level care. 
  • We have worked with several locally based home health, hospice, physical therapy, and speech therapy providers. Please discuss with our nurse for recommendations for specific programs.

No, we do not allow residents to keep pets. Frequently, our residents are unable to consistently care for their pets due to their own care needs. It is not an expectation of our caregivers to provide care for pets. Pets may visit but please ask the nurse first to schedule.

Lakemont Senior Living is a smoke-free facility. Residents and staff are not allowed to smoke or vape on site.

  • We do not provide one-on-one sitting services
  • Alcohol or drug detoxification 
  • We are not equipped to provide care for homicidal or actively suicidal patients 
  • We do not provide a secured perimeter for patients who are intent on escaping the facility 
  • We do not provide bariatric care
  • While we can help with scheduling transport for appointments, we do not transport residents out of the home